A Whole New World

Oh how I laugh when I look back at what I wrote!!  It’s been a year since I have written here… and not a good one.  I wrote that it had ‘clicked’. BA HA HA. I went on to put on 10kg + for the rest of the year.  When I reached my heaviest weight ever, I decided to give LCHF another go.  I hadn’t eaten bread for the whole year so the switch was easy.  1st January I kinda started but really I kicked in on 9th January when hubby started back at work.

I am now almost finishing week 11.  I have lost 11kg.  I don’t cheat.  Not even a bit.  I know if I cheat, even one chip, I will again go off the rails and I just can’t do that.  Not this time.

How have I made it to 11 weeks I hear you ask? My Insta Community.  Oh how it has changed my life.  I keep myself accountable by adding my weigh in.  I get ideas for some amazing people and I challenge myself to try something new. It has completely turned this battle around and made it easy… well easier!

I have also started to educate myself about LCHF and Keto.  The history of Low fat vs Low Carb is so interesting.  I can’t believe we have all been brainwashed to believe something with so little to back it up.

Now that I am going well, I feel like I can write on here a bit more.  Thanks for reading.



8 Days and we have a loss!

It’s been 8 days and we finally have a loss! .2 down today.  Flipping crazy.  Going so hard. Carbs are down, Calories are down, weight not down.

Seeing that it is Monday, I am going to add a few goals for this week.

  • Increase Water
  • Walk 5 times this week
  • Work on my Macros
  • Get good sleep

These are my goals.  Lets see how this weeks goes.

Slightly Crazy

In my head I know its crazy but this diet/loosing-the-kgs thing is completely a battle in your head.

I am going strong.  Two weeks have gone and I am fine. I’m not hungery.  I am not craving.  I have even reduced my carbs to 15-20g a day.  Previously I was aiming for 20-30g a day. I need to walk a bit more but that is hard with my girl on school holidays.  It will come when she is back to school in two weeks.

My wonderful husband picked me up a FitBit Scales!  I have ordered a FitBit Flex and that should arrive in the next week.  My set up will be complete!

It all sounds good, so what is driving me cray cray?  The most important thing.  My weight! It is not moving.  Nothing.  Not even .1 of a kg! Yesterday I had 16g of carbs and only 756 calories.  That is super super low.  Jumped on the scales today… just to try the new ones out… and nothing.  What do I have to do?!!!  How low do I have to go?  How much planning and counting do I have to do?  Is it really going to be this hard?

I started this LCHF because it was so different to everything that I have ever tried.  I liked it because of the lack of hunger and the lack of counting food.  I was thingking that I could just eat low carb and it will just fall off me.  Now, two weeks in, I know that it is not going to happen that way.  My body has gone through too many diets and bad food.  It is broken and it is going to take time to heal. It will take more than two weeks to heal this 39 year old body. I dont like it.

My husband also told me that in two weeks we have a work function to attend.  TWO WEEKS!  I guess that is why I am freaking out about my weight not moving.  I have two weeks to look good in a dress.  I have two weeks to achieve my first goal. 10kg gone.  That is not going to happen if those scales dont start moving.  Its been 6 days.  No movement in 6 days.  How can I look good in a dress if there is no movement for 6 days!  I feel like I have lost a week.  A whole week.

I know.  I really do know.  6 days is nothing.  I have been on a diet for 30 years.  6 days is nothing at all.  Come on body. Get with the program.  We can do this thing!



When something clicked…


I wish I knew how it happened. I would love to know the science behind it. The reason. But I honestly don’t think there is one thing.  The ‘click’ happened.

I had a break from LCHF at the end of last year.  I needed more information.  The “eat whatever you want on the LCHF list” was not working for me.  I cut out dairy.  I was eating fat but my weight was holding fast.

After reading a lot of information, I discovered LCHF Nation.  What an amazing website.  They explained that some people still need to colorie count and macro count. Yes! That some people will not be one of the lucky ones and will still have to exercise. Yes!

On 1st Jan 2016 I was back… but it was different.  I am good.  Really good.  I am ok with missing out on stuff. I am ok with counting what I eat.  I am not craving sugar.  I am different.  Has it clicked?


Today is day 14.  What?  Where has the weeks gone? I didn’t weigh myself for the first 6 days. I was so afraid of that number. When I finally jumped on, I had lost weight!  And the numbers continue to drop.  Since I started LCHF in Sept, with a two month break in the middle which included Christmas, I have lost 5.2 Kg or 11.5 lbs. Most of that has been this year.


I am only going to weigh in once a week.  I am also going to blog once a week.  I am not going to over load on Keto or LCHF.  It is a full lifestyle change not a diet so I need to treat it like one. I am also walking.  The photo is of me and my girl.  Doing this together. She is the best support and motivation. XO

I can not wait to see how this year plays out.


Can a Cheeteh change it’s spots?

Can a person change?  Really change?  Can you become something new?

I believe you can but for me it hasn’t happened yet.  I am a Cheeteh.  I have been having  night off here, just a dash there.  That will not work for me.  I know the spots have to change.

I received Christine Cronau Books in the mail today.  She has a great point of view on LCHF.  Fruit is allowed but must still come in your carb allowance.  I think I can work with her view od LCHF.  The Cookbook will also help for a guide.

I haven’t been loosing weight but I think I have been eating to much protein and dairy.  I may have to lose the coffee too.  That will be a hard hit.  I love my coffee in the morning.

Over the weekend I turned 39.  Yep.  One more year till I am 40!  This has to be my year.  I will not be fat & 40.  Fit & 40 it will be.

I have my new list from Christine Cronau.  I will have to count my food for a while to make sure I am on really really low carbs.

Spots are changing.


Hard days and easy days

As with any diet or ‘lifestyle change’ there are good days and not so good days. Yesterday was a not so good one.  We had no food in the house. Plans didn’t work out. But today is a new day.
Plan, plan, plan.  That is my day. I have realized that planning ahead is the key to all things.


AND butter on scrambled eggs is good. First thing I like with added butter.

Positive & Negative

These weeks have gone fast. I can not believe we are already 2.5 weeks into this. I thought I would do the negatives & positives so far. Things that you also might expect when starting LCHF.

*Heavy Food.
Sometimes I find the butter & fat heavy. I am not use to eating this way. I have never liked big meat, cheese, egg,  bacon type food. I am working on making the food lighter but still filling.

*Woozy Feeling/ LC Flu
I knew this was coming but it did effect me. I felt slightly sick/light headed.  I felt ‘off’ for a few days. When your body has no carbs to use as energy it takes a few days/weeks to transition into using fat. Commonly call the low carb flu, which I now fully understand why they call it this. It really felt like the flu! This comes under negative but it also made me feel like I was doing something right. It is a common side effect and I was experiencing it. I must be on the right track.

*Watching TV Snack
This is a habit.  My habit. I haven’t craved a lot of sugar but after dinner I just wanted to snack.
I really wanted to follow the rule of only eating when hungry.  I know that this was not a hungry thing but a habit thing. For me, this has been the hardest change.

I meal plan a little bit and then change to what works for that day. I now find I have to plan 3 meals, not just dinner. I had no bacon or eggs one day. I woke hungry with nothing to eat. Toast or a quick bowl of weet bixs is no longer an option. Planning ahead is key to success.

*Lots of cooking!
LCHF takes lots of time. Nothing quick. Nothing simple.  It always takes time to cook. This doesn’t work well with the morning rush to school/work. I have to get up early… and that is always a negative.

Meat is expensive.  I am spending a lot more on quality meat. I can’t just buy myself a steak! I am trying to shop around but I have gone over our budget 3 times in 3 shops! Eek.


*Weight loss
2kg have gone. That is always a positive. My goal is to lose 15kg by Christmas. If I lose 2kg one week & nothing the next, all is good. Just want to be heading in the right direction.

*Lack of hunger
When I read ‘Eat when hungry’, I was thinking that I would find myself eating more often. I was always hungry. ALWAYS.
It was a big shock the day I completely missed lunch and didn’t even realize it. My school pick up alarm went off and I still was not hungry from breakfast. What the! Seems that if I eat enough fat in the morning, I can go all day without food. One night I didn’t eat until 8pm. I wasn’t hungry before that.
I still have to keep track of what I eat. Not enough in the morning, I am starving!

*Not missing out
This is the only diet where I feel ok about missing some food groups. I don’t often feel like I am missing out. We went out for dinner and I had the best steak… just like everyone else. Hubby ate my fries. No dessert. All good. I was full from my steak. I really didn’t need anything more.

I have been adjusting our normal family meals to meet LCHF. The family can choose if they eat the regular or the new version. So far, so good. Hubby, who loves his rice, has even been eating cauliflower rice. That was a shock.

I feel amazing. Really good. All my tummy issues have gone. That feeling of sick when I ate bread has completed lifted. I can see myself feeling better & better. The energy has not come yet but we have had a very busy/stressful time with our business. (Too much work coming in. Good problem to have but can be very stressful)
The lack of sleep, stress & Low Carb Flu have been zapping my energy. I am sure that when this season is over the energy will arrive.

So far, so good. Looking forward to the changes that will happen if I keep this up.

Quick drink recipe…. This is my favorite morning pick me up.

One shot coffee
Cold water
Dash of cream.
Mix it all up and enjoy. That easy.

100 Days till Christmas

Day is day 7 on LCHF. I have completed week one.
I have been thinking about goals and decided on a few.
There are 14 weeks till Christmas.  100 Days exactly.  I want to make it till Christmas.  107 days in total of LCHF.
In that time I want to lose 15kg. 
That Is 1kg each week. I know that tomorrows weigh in should be better than that so I might be ahead already.

New goal is set. Now just 14 little weeks to go. 


I wanted to drink something other than water so I added a few Frozen Raspberries to my drink bottle. Nice change from plain.

Fullness Hormone (CCK)

I am learning so much about this new way of life.  I have been wondering why I am not hungry.  It is completely opposite to how I was feeling just one week ago. That little feeling of “I want something” has gone.  I don’t think it was hunger but I was on the prowl for food all day.

On day one of LCHF I ate at 7am.  I was not hungry till 5.30pm. CRAZY. I didn’t even think of food.  WHY?

Well I found out.  Below is a post from Christine Cronau, a big believer in LCHF.  She has a few books to her name and is also a great follow on Facebook.

“One of the biggest challenges with starting LCHF (low carb, high fat) is actually getting over the fear of fat.

Fat phobia is so well ingrained into our society, once people learn they can eat fat again, it is a huge relief. But then they start to wonder, “can I eat too much,” or “how much is too much?”

Well, the simple answer is, fat was never bad for us, so we really don’t have to sit their wondering if we are eating too much of it.

The wonderful thing about fat is that it is really difficult to overeat it. Fat prompts our body to produce our fullness hormone (CCK), which makes us feel full!!

It really is self regulating. What a concept!

In fact, overeating is a new concept in itself. Why? Because we took away the fat!

If we take away the food that makes us feel full, we end up insatiably hungry.

And what about the “eat 5 to 6 meals a day” nonsense. This only came about because sugar and carbs burn off quickly. We literally run out of fuel all the time.

If we start the day with eggs, butter and a lamb chop, we can quite easily go until 2 or 3 pm before needing to eat again. Fat is long sustaining energy!”

Christine Cronau – Facebook – 16/09/2015

Have you ever heard of such a thing?  Eating fat is freaky.  It feels weird!  But it is working.

I have made a beautiful breakfast this morning.  Egg and Bacon LCHF Muffin.  Recipe up soon.

2015-09-16 09.33.35

Day 5 with a fizzy head.

I have made it to day 5 with no sugar.  Nothing. Not even fruit.

Go you good thing!

That is a first.  I have never gone with no sugar, including fruit, for 5 days.  I thought it would be really hard but it hasn’t been.  I am full most of the time. I eat a big (for me) breakfast and I am not hungry till dinner.  I have found that I don’t even think of food. I have no need for lunch or snacks.  Now that is crazy.  I am always hungry.  I eat at 7am and I am starving by 10am.  I am finding it really hard to believe.  I am also saving heaps of time!

The only bad side effect was a dizzy head this afternoon.  I think I needed to eat but was not feeling hunger.  I ate while cooking dinner for the family and I was again fine.

I have lost 1.3kg in the first 5 days.  I am pretty happy with that.  I need to be careful not to jump on the scales daily.  It may not be good for my mental health but other than that, so far, so good.


My daughter and I tried to make smoked salmon rolls filled with cream cheese and avocado. They didn’t look pretty but they tasted good.  High fat and yum!

I will update at one week. Fingers crossed.